LASER DETECT SYSTEM Handheld Portable Raman Spectroscopy Detector (G-SCAN) LDS G-SCANpro, the new generation of LDS 4500-H is a state of the art laser Handheld Portable Raman Spectroscopy Detector provides law enforcement, military and security agencies a powerful sensitive, low false-positive and low false-negative tool for detecting a wide variety of explosive substances and suspicious drugs in forms of liquid, bulk or powder. The G-SCANpro is easy to use and operate. Enable detection and identification, within less than 9 sec, a wide range of hazardous material stored in the embedded materials library. Key features of the portable detector for G-SCAN PRO portable explosives and narcotics detector and identificator

  • Detects liquid and solid explosives, including ‘home-made’ substances
  • Real-time rapid scanning,
  • Laboratory Raman spectroscopy technology applied in the compact portable device,
  • Extremely low level of false-positive and false-negative results
  • Low level of fluorescence impact
  • Large and easy-to-read LCD screen with simple and intuitive interface,
  • Built-in expanded spectral database of hazardous materials
  • Open database of substances with possibility of updating and expansion according to the user’s needs,
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy to maintain
  • Short operator training period

The LDS G-SCANpro is a cost-effective, lightweight Bottled Liquid Scanner (BLS) that detects hazardous substances in liquids or powder forms contained in glass and transparent or translucent plastics bottles or containers. The LDS G-SCANpro can also provide emergency response personnel and forensic agencies with powerful, high sensitive detection of drugs and other illegal substances. a variety of accessories available: desktop docking station, hip carrying holster, flashlight, data transmitter and more.