Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) With so many operations located in remote areas with little infrastructure, understandably, fuel supply is a serious business and one of the many reasons why the BATT has quickly become an aviation favorite. Embraced by remote operators, the BATT offers the unique ability to carry bulk fuel in and, after being emptied, the collapsible tank can be rolled up so that other cargo can be hauled back out, allowing a substantial savings in fuel hauling costs. Features Economic Savings

  • The BATT allows quick reconfiguration of the aircraft from hauling cargo to hauling bulk fuel. Mixed loads are also possible.
  • The BATT also allows operators to purchase and transport bulk fuel while fully maximizing the aircraft’s lifting capacity since the tanks fill the fuselage area correctly and are lightweight (compared to drums or steel tanks).
  • Dead head flights (with no cargo or passengers) are minimized because the BATT can be folded up and stored when not in use.
  • The BATT eliminates damage to the aircraft caused when handling fuel drums, reduces the cost of fuel loss for fuel spoiled in drums and provides a cost savings to operators who continually lose money because they cannot return damaged drums.


Increased Safety

  • The BATT comes in a range of sizes to fit various aircraft. A built-in strapping system insures that the payload doesn’t shift unlike drums which are not specifically designed for aircraft interiors.
  • The BATT eliminates the continued handling of drums which can result in damage and spills inside the aircraft. The BATT is double-walled to minimize abrasion and puncture damage and provides built-in secondary containment.
  • The BATT has two unique baffle designs, one for fixed wing and one for rotary wing aircraft to control center of gravity shifting in flight.

Environmental Impact

  • The BATT allows remote site operators to eliminate empty drums which are often abandoned because of the high cost associated with removing them. This prevents environmental impacts in remote and, often, sensitive locations.
  • Fewer drums means fewer spills due to handling.
  • The BATT is the next step in SEI’s revolution to “Kick The Can.”