Product And Service

Intelligent Big Data

  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Parser
  • Relate 360
  • Intelligent Data Lake
  • Enterprise Information Catalog
  • Intelligent Streaming

Intelligent Cloud Services

  • Cloud Application Integration
  • Cloud Data Integration
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Connectivity
  • Editions & Pricin

Intelligent Data Integration

  • Advanced Data Transformation
  • B2B Data Exchange
  • Connectors (PowerExchange)
  • Informatica Integration Hub
  • PowerCenter
  • Real-Time Integration
  • Enterprise Information Catalog

Intelligent Data Quality

  • Data as a Service
  • Informatica Data Quality
  • Data Preparation (Rev)
  • Cloud Data Quality Radar
  • Informatica Axon

Intelligent Master Data Management

  • Multidomain MDM
  • Identity Resolution
  • Customer 360
  • Product 360 (PIM)
  • Relate 360
  • Supplier 360
  • Procurement 360

Intelligent Data Security

  • Data Archive
  • Data Masking
  • Test Data Management


  • Business & It Transformation
  • Analytics & Decisions
  • Process
  • Cumulocity Iot
  • Integration
  • Api Management
  • In-memory Data
  • Adabas Database Management System
  • Natural Application Development
  • Adabas & Natural Application Modernization

Freight & Logistics

  • Warehouse
  • Land Transportation
  • Air Freight and Sea Freight
  • Incoming Service Centre

Solving Cargo Handling

  • Cargo Handling System
  • Slave Pallet System
  • Truck Docks & Dolly Docks
  • Transfer Vehicles
  • Elevating Transfer Vehicles
  • Friction Powered Roller Decks

Rack System

  • ULD Services
  • ULD Storage Service & Rental
  • Large Scale Rack System & WMS
  • ULD Repair & Maintenance

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud includes:

  • Prism : A comprehensive management solution that brings one-click simplicity.
  • Acropolis : A turnkey platform that converges server, storage, virtualization and networking resources.
  • Calm : Application automation and lifecycle management for Nutanix and public clouds.
  • Community Edition : Easily evaluate the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform at zero cost.
  • Xpress : The power of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, sized for smaller IT organizations.
  • Xi Cloud Services : Extend your datacenter to an integrated public cloud environment.

The Data Platform for the Cloud Era

  • Purity  : Software purpose built to exploit the full potential of flash for the cloud era.
  • Pure1    : Cloud-based monitoring, predictive analytics and ultra-proactive support
  • FlashArray//M   : The all-flash enterprise array for consolidating and accelerating everything.
  • FlashArray//X   : The first mainstream 100% NVMe enterprise all-flash array for Tier1 apps.
  • FlashBlade   : The cloud-era flash array for harnessing the power of data at scale.
  • FlashStack   : Converged infrastructure solution. Deploy your cloud fast, scale without compromise.

All Data, One Platform, Every Cloud.

Limitless Possibilities

  • MapR Converged Data Platform   : The industry’s leading unified data platform is able to simultaneously do analytics and applications.
  • MapR-XD   : A highly-scalable converged storage platform for high-volume enterprise storage.
  • MapR Analytics and ML engines   : Conducting real-time analytics and machine, platform that integrates files, tables, and streams.
  • MapR-DB   : Is a high-performance NoSQL database for global data-intensive applications.
  • MapR-ES   : Event streaming system for big data system built into a converged data platform.
  • The MapR Control System (MCS)   : World-class management solution for administering the MapR Converged Data.
  • MapR-Edge   : Small footprint edition of the MapR Converged Data Platform


  • Data Protection and Encryption : Secure sensitive data everywhere it resides
  • Database Security : Real-time protection and management
  • Endpoint Protection : Detect, prevent, and correct advanced threats
  • Network Security : Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Security Analytics : Identify attacks and share threat insights
  • Security Management : Gain complete security visibility
  • Server Security : Discover, monitor, and secure cloud workloads
  • SIEM : Actionable data to prioritize and investigate threats
  • Web Security : Enable secure web access from any device

All-Flash Storage for the Next Gen Data Center

Cloud Data Services

  • ONTAP Cloud
  • NetApp Private Storage for Cloud
  • Cloud Control for Microsoft Office 365
  • AltaVault Cloud-Integrated Storage
  • Cloud Sync Data Synchronization

Converged Systems

  • FlexPod
  • NetApp HCI

Data Storage Software

  • ONTAP Data Management Software
  • SolidFire Element OS
  • SANtricity Software
  • ONTAP Select
  • StorageGRID Webscale Software

Data Infrastructure Management

  • OnCommand Insight
  • OnCommand Unified Manager
  • OnCommand Workflow Automation
  • Service Level Manager
  • OnCommand Cloud Manager
  • Virtual Infrastructure Management
  • Active IQ Predictive Analytics and Support

Data Backup and Recovery

  • SnapCenter Backup Management
  • SnapMirror Data Replication
  • MetroCluster Business Continuity
  • SnapLock Data Compliance

ONTAP Data Security

  • All-Flash Storage
  • AFF A-Series
  • SolidFire
  • EF-Series

Hybrid Flash Storage

  • FAS
  • E-Series

Data Storage Systems

  • StorageGRID Webscale Object Storage
  • FlexArray Storage Virtualization
  • Disk Shelves and Storage Media


  • Schedule a meeting via Outlook (planned
  • meeting) or via your screen (instant meeting).


  • No remote control.
  • No instruction manual.
  • You’ll never  need to call IT to set up your videoconferences.


  • Meetings begin on time.
  • Meetings end on time.
  • You can modify the meeting start time or the endtime.


  • Suitable for all meeting room types.
  • Compatible with any display format.


  • Whiteboard with annotation tools.
  • Save in USB key or send by email.


  • Via USB key or from your computer wirelessly (via
  • the optional Sharing Cable).


  • Phone call or Lync call.


  • Ability to view a document or use the whiteboard
  • mode without lauching a remote meeting.


  • Designed for Skype for Business users.

A Lync or Skype Enterprise license is required.



  • Biller Solution
  • Electronic Billing & Payment Solution
  • Enterprise Payments Solutions

Processing Services

  • Bank Platforms
  • Item Processing Solutions

Customer & Channel Management

  • Mobile Solutions
  • Online Banking Solutions

Risk & Compliance

  • Compliance & Fraud Management
  • Financial Control Solutions

Insights & Optimization

  • Cash & Logistics
  • Enterprise Content Management

Economic Savings

  • The BATT allows quick reconfiguration of the aircraft from hauling cargo to hauling bulk fuel. Mixed loads are also possible.
  • The BATT also allows operators to purchase and transport bulk fuel while fully maximizing the aircraft’s lifting capacity since the tanks fill the fuselage area correctly and are lightweight (compared to drums or steel tanks).
  • Dead head flights (with no cargo or passengers) are minimized because the BATT can be folded up and stored when not in use.
  • The BATT eliminates damage to the aircraft caused when handling fuel drums, reduces the cost of fuel loss for fuel spoiled in drums and provides a cost savings to operators who continually lose money because they cannot return damaged drums.


Handheld Portable Raman Spectroscopy Detector (G-SCAN) LDS G-SCANpro, the new generation of LDS 4500-H is a state of the art laser Handheld Portable Raman Spectroscopy Detector provides law enforcement, military and security agencies a powerful sensitive, low false-positive and low false-negative tool for detecting a wide variety of explosive substances and suspicious drugs in forms of liquid, bulk or powder. The G-SCANpro is easy to use and operate. Enable detection and identification, within less than 9 sec, a wide range of hazardous material stored in the embedded materials library. Key features of the portable detector for G-SCAN PRO portable explosives and narcotics detector and identificator

  • Detects liquid and solid explosives, including ‘home-made’ substances
  • Real-time rapid scanning,
  • Laboratory Raman spectroscopy technology applied in the compact portable device,
  • Extremely low level of false-positive and false-negative results
  • Low level of fluorescence impact
  • Large and easy-to-read LCD screen with simple and intuitive interface,
  • Built-in expanded spectral database of hazardous materials
  • Open database of substances with possibility of updating and expansion according to the user’s needs,
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy to maintain
  • Short operator training period