Hybrid Detection Kit

A Solution Built to Confront the Diversity of Threats

HDK is an integrated comprehensive solution that can detect a wide range of explosive, precursors, narcotics and hazardous materials, designed for diverse applications and offers best in class performance.

LDS solutions employ various detection techniques, based on laser Raman, Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) and Wet Chemistry (WC) alongside field proven, localized Concept of Operation (CONOP). This unique combination enables detection, interception and intelligence gathering, resulting in pre-threat prevention and a significant tactical advantage.

HDK is designed to confront threats in different forms that security personnel are meeting on daily basis. The idea is to deliver a tool for security officers that supports them in making the right decisions while under the pressure of a high volume of passengers, large ques etc.

HDK is a simple to operate tool and when it is used in the right sequence with the relevant technologies against the relevant threats, the results are with a high effectiveness.

Hybrid Kit Operational importance

The importance of providing the field officers and operators Hybrid capability comprises of IMS detector, Raman detector, and Wet Chemistry. Complementary technologies that covers the complete possible range of threats – Hidden or camouflaged; Direct contact or sealed in containers.

The combined technologies are able to cover: