SPHERE Integrated Inspection System

SPHERE is a comprehensive, mobile and affordable multi-sensor solution capable of detecting an extensive array of improvised explosive devices and precursors.

In addition to dedicated sensors SPHERE also provides complimentary elements, including vehicle scanning systems, video recording and license plate recognition systems, aerial surveillance means and Counter-IED jammers, preventing terrorists from activating devices under inspection. SPHERE also provides law enforcement agencies the ability to effectively track and locate narcotic substances.

Sphere advantages:

SPHERE integrates several various explosive detection systems and sensors employing different detection techniques, enabling ordinary law enforcement agents to perform rapid scanning and inspection of materials, vehicles and people, effectively detecting explosives or narcotic materials.

SPHERE sensors consist of LDS’ exclusive Laser Raman Spectroscopy technology, Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) and chemical detection systems, detecting explosive materials or precursors in bulk, powder, liquids, and traces in vapors or particles. Applied in mobile, hand-held devices, and supported by mission control and communications, SPHERE enables rapid dissemination of intelligence and threat libraries, enabling security forces to focus on new threats or intelligence gained from forensic investigations of terror attacks or crime scenes.